Developing Aloha one port at a time

When the state of Hawaii asked to help solve their scheduling and awareness problem in 2015, they gave us a clear mission – bring Aloha to vessel scheduling.

The spirit of aloha touches everyone on the islands. It represents a love and respect for all things. When things work with aloha, it means that it is in a flow, it makes sense, and feels right. However, the spirit of vessel scheduling at the time was anything but Aloha. Phones, faxes, and emails were still the prime currency of coordination, and they were failing against the modern demands of port operations. Most importantly, it was causing frustrations with important customer segments.

After a year of operations in Hawaii, we see the same problem in ports everywhere. Most port processes are unsustainable. Schedules between port companies are not synchronized, creating inefficiencies in the port’s overall performance. Small ports in particular are stuck in time. The maritime link in small ports is key to the economic well being of their communities, yet those ports have been skipped over by innovation. We saw the impact of innovation in Hawaii. The solution seemed so simple, so effective, we couldn’t let it go. That is why we decided to continue our “Aloha” mission to ports throughout the world. is a front-end platform for digital ports. It synchronizes vessel scheduling between ports, pilots, agents, and others. It integrates schedules from key service providers and assembles comprehensive, port-wide itineraries. provides a simple, synchronized, and sustainable front-end operations system for ports and their customers.

Our Team

We are maritime technology professionals bringing upgrades and enhancements to ports throughout the world. Our growing team consists of captains, computer engineers, and a lot of experience with port communities like yours.

Our team’s experience is matched by our partners and collaborators. This collective understanding, innovation, and energy transforms not only the port but the interaction between the people.